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Octopus Pro Digital Star 4 Effect Filter
Product Code: Pro Digital Star 4 Effect Filter
Product Model: Pro Digital Star 4 Effect Filter


The Octopus STAR-4 filter adds a dramatic four-cross flare to very bright areas, giving a soft-focus effect. ldeal for photographs of night scene illumination or other scenes with strong reflections.

Generate photographic excitement with these dazzling star effects created from original point light sources or bright reflections.  The Star effect will become more pronounced with a brighter, larger source.  Filter may be rotated for creative control.

Lighting can be enhanced in ways that go beyond what exists in nature.  Star filters create points of light, like "stars," streaking outward from a central light source.  This can make lighting within the scene take on a more glittering, glamorous appearance.  This effect is produced by a series of thin lines etched into the flat optical surface of a clear filter.  These lines act as cylindrical lenses, diffracting light points into long thin lines of light running perpendicular to the etched lines.  Lines on the filter positioned horizontally produce vertically oriented star lines.


The size and brightness of the star lines produced are first a function of the size, shape, and brightness of the light source.  You have additional control through the choice of a particular spacing between the lines on the filter.  Generally these spacings are measured in millimeters.  A 1mm spacing has twice as many lines per unit area as a 2mm spacing.  It will produce a brighter star for any given source.  Spacings offered generally range from 1mm to 4mm, as well as both narrower and wider for specialty effects.

Available Size:
49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm.


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