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Octopus OC-IR Remote Control
Product Code: OC-IR
Product Model: OC-IR


The Octopus OC-IR infrared remote control makes it possible to release the shutter from a distance. Just like the self-timer. This remote is very useful for night scene shot, self portraits, product shot, fireworks and also useful to take the whole family and friends picture without a camera man needed.


Compatible Models:

Pentax Cameras (For the Pentax part)
Digital SLR 1st DL 1st DS 1st D K10D K100D K110D Kx Kr K-5 K-7
Optio S S4 S4i S5i S5n
SV 330 430 450 550 555 750z S50 S40
Film SLR 1st MZ6 MZ-L ZX-L

Nikon Cameras (For the Nikon part)
Digital SLR D3000 D3100 D5000 D7000 D90 D80 D70 D70s D60 D50 D40 D40X
Film SLR F75 F65 F55 N65 N75
Coolpix 8800 Coolpix 8400
LiteTouch 150ED 140ED 130ED110s 100W
Nuvis S Pronea S

Canon Cameras (For the Canon DSLR Part)

Digital SLR 300D 350D 400D 450D 500D 550D 600D 60D 7D 5D Mark II
ELAN 7 10 30 33 50 55 100 300v 300x 3000v QD
Film SLR Rebel K2 Rebel T1 Date Rebel T2 Date
(Prima Super) Z180u Z155 120 ELPH 370Z Z3

Canon Cameras (The Canon Prosumer Part)
PowerShot Pro 1 G6 G5 G3 G2
G1 S1 IS S70* S60* Pro 90 IS
(only shutter release function for *S70 & S60)

Konica Minolta Cameras (For the Sony parts)
Digital DiMAGE F100 F200 F300 A200 S414 S404 S304
Film SLR:Dynax/Maxxum5 Date Dynax/Maxxum 4 Date
Dynax/Maxxum 3(L) Date Dynax/Maxxum 40
Dynax/Maxxum 50 Date Dynax/Maxxum 60
Dynax/Maxxum 70

Compact Film Camera
Compact Film Riva/Freedom/Capios Zoom 20
Riva/Freedom/CapiosZoom 75W
Riva/Freedom/CapiosZoom 115 Date
Riva/Freedom/CapiosZoom 125 Date
Riva/Freedom/CapiosZoom 130
Riva/Freedom/CapiosZoom 150 Date
Riva/Freedom/CapiosZoom 160(A)

DSLR alpha & Nex Series
a230, a330, a380, a450, a500, a550, a700, a850, a900
Nex 5


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