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Octopus Platinum ND5000 Battery Grip
Product Code: ND5000
Product Model: ND5000


Octopus Platinum ND5000 battery grip come out to devote to Nikon D5000. It connects camera body perfectly, doubles your shooting time, and even provides ingenious vertical shutter functions.

Otherwise, the D5000 camera looks too small in size and not be handled easily. With this one you can hold the camera firmly and more comfortably. And its vertical shutter design expands functional advantage for your photography.


  • Holds 1 or 2 EN-EL9 battery packs.
  • Doubles shooting times and enhances the handle stability.
  • Has vertical shutter function, with a vertical shutter button on the aside.
  • A tripod jack on the bottom of the grip for fixing it on a tripod firmly.
Compatible Models:
  • Nikon D5000.


Octopus Germany