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Octopus OC-EXT Macro Extension Tube
Product Code: OC-EXT
Product Model: OC-EXT


The Octopus OC-EXT macro extension tube set is suitable for all Canon & Nikon cameras. Transform your Canon EOS EF & EF-S and Nikon AF-D Lens into a Macro Lens. It moves the lens from the film or digital sensor. The closer the focus is, the greater the magnification. The extension tube does not affect image quality as there is no optics inside. In comparison, a close up filter is often blamed for degrading the quality of image. Auto-focus function cannot operate. 

This tube set consists of 3 individual tubes, camera body mount and a lens adapter. The 3 individual rings can be used separately with the camera body mount and a lens adapter, and of course the magnification ratio will be different.


  • Tube 1 = 9mm
  • Tube 2 = 16mm
  • Tube 3 = 30mm
Compatible Models:
Only Compatible with Nikon AF-D Lens.
Only For Canon EOS EF & EF-S Lens.


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