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Octopus OC-BH1 Ball Head
Product Code: OC-BH1 Ball Head
Product Model: OC-BH1 Ball Head


The Octopus OC-BH1 Professional Ball Head is made from black anodized machined aluminum and offer three operation knobs. The large knob locks the ball head in place, the smaller knob provide drag adjustment. An additional smaller knob located at the base of the Ball head, locks the independent pan movement. Using both the main locking knob and the drag adjustment knob, Camera Ball Head is possible to set the desired drag and locking action for different cameras. In addition, Camera Tripod Ball Head has the following advantages: easy operation, drag adjustment is fast and responsive, cleaning and servicing by disassembling the head is possible. Locking and Drag Control: The locking knob and the drag adjustment are separated to avoid accidental improper usage. Drag adjustment is quick and responsive. 360-degree Panning: Accurate panoramas can easily be stitched together using the graduated panning scale. Pan movements can be securely locked in place with the pan lock knob. Patent Quick Release Safety Lock: A spring loaded safety lock pin prevents accidental removal of the camera, should the main lock be loosened. Removing the camera from the ball head requires the release of the safety lock as well as loosening the main lock. This Octopus OC-BH1 Professional Ball Head fits most of the tripods in the market.


  • Ball Diameter: 36mm
  • Height: 100mm
  • Total Weight: 0.44kg
  • Load Capacity: 8kg


Octopus Germany